Fetal Programming and Accuration with Intake Modifying Technology


As we enter the home stretch of 2018, the sentiment amongst producers has been very mixed. Corn has been producing promising yields, particularly on the Illinois side of the river, but we are also experiencing a time where forage supplies are lean compared to years past (many producers to which I have spoken are sitting at 50% of the usual inventory needed to make it through winter) and thus sending hay prices to a point where it is more expensive than corn.  Recent rainfalls have resulted in giving us a second wind so to speak in pasture growth, and one last cutting of hay is on the minds of many, at least to those who have not done so already. With that stated, maximizing the efficiency of our forage supply is necessary to having a good experience this winter.

Quick question: How often are your cows eating for only themselves? The correct answer is never. If she is a productive cow, she is either bred, nursing a calf or she is bred and nursing a calf at the same time. For many of you, this year’s calves are already weaned, and calving is roughly 3 months away. Your earlier bred cows are just now entering their 3rd trimester with others following suit and it is critically important to making sure that we are not only just feeding that cow, but also her calf inside of her. Spoiler alert, that is the very definition of fetal programming. By now, many of you have heard or read about this topic, but it bears reminding to everyone. Research by many reputable outfits, including Purina, has shown a substantial benefit to how we feed that calf while in utero will translate to success after it’s born. Better health, better growth, and more hybrid vigor are just a few characteristics of a calf who received a bunch of nutrients from mama.


How can Accuration fit? For starters, it is specifically designed to compliment your forages based solely on the cows’ needs and its current stage of production. Accuration was specifically designed to help maximize rumen microbial efficiency, thus making them break down and digest their forages more effectively. Accuration, with its intake modifying technology, alters the eating behavior of cattle. They will eat smaller, more frequent meals, thus keeping the rumen pH balanced and feeding the microbes that break down forages and makes them much more efficient throughout the feeding period. With utilizing Accuration Liquid 30-12 or and Accuration Hi-Fat Block from Ursa Farmers Coop, it is a very easy and convenient way of ensuring that your cows are getting the nutrients they need and are staying in solid body condition through calving and lactation.

Not only are we thinking about this winter, but we are also thinking about next year’s calf crop and making sure our cows get bred back this spring/summer. As Dr. N.T. Cosby has said, “Nutrition leads to condition and condition leads to conception.”

To see how Accuration can help you reach your goals and address your challenges, please give your sales representative a call today!


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