How to View a Proof of Yield Report

With the My Grain Account option from our website, you can view your UFC account anytime. To get started, click on My Grain Account from our website.

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If this is your first time viewing this information, click on first time sign on. You will need your UFC account number to complete this step. Once you are set up and logged in, you can navigate to view your Account Statement, Year End reports, Grain Contracts, or Patronage.

In today’s post, you will learn about how to view your loads and run a Proof of Yield Report.

As soon as you pull off the scale, your load information is available to you.  To get started, navigate to the Grain Contracts section and then click on Loads.

The website defaults to open or unsettled loads for the last six months.  You can change any of this information and then click refresh to update your selections.

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The loads are in order by last delivery and show ticket number, bushels, and grades.  You can see how we applied your load by clicking on the ticket number.

1005 (3)

Our Proof of Yield report is a great tool to assist you with your operation. This report is used frequently for crop insurance purposes as well. The Proof of Yield is a listing of your loads by delivery date that show the total bushels of the load, your share of the load, and the grades. This report also provides totals by commodity.

To run this report, click on Menu to navigate back to the main screen and then click on Year End. This report also defaults to the last six months which can be changed. In the bottom right hand part of the screen, you will click on Proof of Yield to view this report.

1005 (4)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact your location or contact the Accounting Department at (217) 964-2111.

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