Accounting: ACH Debits/Credits

Do you want to have your grain settlement in your bank account on the next business day? If so, we can make that happen for you. Ursa Farmers Coop offers an option to receive your grain settlements via ACH. As long as your grain settlement is requested prior to 4 pm, the money will be in your account on the next business day. As a reminder, we can complete your grain settlements anytime one of our facilities is open.

By opting to receive settlements by ACH, you can receive your grain settlements by email, so you no longer have to wait to receive these. These emails go out every night at 6 pm.

If you are interested in signing up, go to our website and click on Membership Benefit Programs. From the drop-down menu, click on Authorization for ACH Debits/Credits.


Once this form is complete, please drop off to your location or mail it to the attention of Accounting PO Box 8 Ursa, IL 62376.

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