Accounting: End of Year & 1099-S

Somehow the end of 2018 is here already. We hope everyone had a great Christmas. Many of you have already started planning for the end of this year and for next year.

There are many items available to assist with this process on our website. To get started, click on My Grain Account from our website:

1005 (1)

If this is your first time viewing this information, click on first time sign on.  You will need your UFC account number to complete this step.  Once you are set up and logged in, you can navigate to view your Account Statement, Year End reports, Grain Contracts, or Patronage.

End of Year Items:

Within the Year End menu, you can see a listing of the items you have purchased from Ursa Farmers.  After clicking into the Year End menu, make sure to update your starting date range to January 2018 and then click refresh.  You can click on the individual descriptions to see additional detail.


You can also see a listing of your grain settlements and advances for the year by viewing the Additional Reports.  This report lists each individual settlement along with total bushels settled and check amount.  If you are a customer who purchases seed or feed from us, those payments are listed on subsequent pages broken out by month.


If you wish to pay any drying, discounts, or storage fees prior to the end of the year, please contact your location.  These can be accepted up until December 31st.

You have up until December 31st at noon to receive a 2018 grain payment.  The 2019 grain checks will be available on January 2nd at 8 a.m.

1099 PATR:

1099-s will be available and mailed by the end of January 2019.  If you sold grain to UFC during 2018, please make sure to take both the Summary of Grain Purchases with 1099 Payments and your 1099 to your tax preparer.  We will have a separate blog post covering 1099-s after issuance.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact your location or contact the Accounting Department at (217) 964-2111.


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