Accounting: ACH Debits/Credits

Do you want to have your grain settlement in your bank account on the next business day? If so, we can make that happen for you. Ursa Farmers Coop offers an option to receive your grain settlements via ACH. As long as your grain settlement is requested prior to 4 pm, the money will be… Continue reading Accounting: ACH Debits/Credits


October Crop Insurance Updates

Let Us Make Production Reporting Easy! It's that time of year again—harvest is here and production reporting is just around the corner.  At Ursa Farmers Coop, we try to make production reporting as easy as possible.  We can access your Proof of Yield and Loads Report here at the coop, making that one less thing… Continue reading October Crop Insurance Updates

Fetal Programming and Accuration with Intake Modifying Technology

As we enter the home stretch of 2018, the sentiment amongst producers has been very mixed. Corn has been producing promising yields, particularly on the Illinois side of the river, but we are also experiencing a time where forage supplies are lean compared to years past (many producers to which I have spoken are sitting… Continue reading Fetal Programming and Accuration with Intake Modifying Technology

What Are My Harvest Options? 

Harvest 2018 has commenced! There have been multiple reports of yields being higher than anticipated in the Western Illinois area. On one account, a producer stated that a field averaged over 200 when he was expecting to harvest 140 bushels per acre. Is this similar to your situation? You are most likely undersold, like many others, and the… Continue reading What Are My Harvest Options?