Eye Protection

We all know that we should wear proper eye protection at work, but what about at home? Tasks such as weed eating the grass, running a chainsaw, or even using power tools can have dangerous consequences. Anytime there is potential for something to break, fly apart, or spray, we need to have a good pair… Continue reading Eye Protection



Patronage has been declared this year. We will be paying a patronage to our customers on the bushels of corn and soybeans that were sold during our fiscal year, which runs from June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018. Total patronage is $1,000,000 for this year. This amounts to $.01615/bushel sold. Of the $1,000,000, $400,000… Continue reading Patronage

Profitability: Cattle Market

2018 has brought many challenges to the agriculture industry.  Some would argue that there is opportunity on the horizon, while others believe we are trending in a downward spiral. If you're an optimist, you can foresee that this year directly correlates with years past, and we will pull through as an industry. With a positive mindset, looking at the… Continue reading Profitability: Cattle Market

Planting the Seeds of Your Future: Soil Health

Cover cropping has certainly changed over the last decade. Whether you've been planting cover crops for years or are just considering it for the first time, you can appreciate the growing amount of resources that are available to help you make educational decisions for your farm. The soil health movement is one of the major… Continue reading Planting the Seeds of Your Future: Soil Health